BLACK METAL FROM EAST CIREBON - INDONESIAN "EXTREME HARMONY CLASSIC BLACK METAL" RITUAL OF BLOODS ... It means the Blood Ritual ... but not an identity of the personnel is Insan ritualist, we interpret "RITUAL OF BLOODS" as Blood (burning spirit) in performing rituals (prayers five time). RITUAL OF BLOODS ... Appealing to all mankind, not to forget the obligation to appear before GOD Almighty Five times a day. RITUAL OF BLOODS ... Founded on April 6, 2003, by a Blackers named Ipanx Dark Carnal. Then he raised the other Blackers to play music together in homage to Black Metal. Although the band has included a new band, but the background is the personnel-human Insan underground band that has been vacuum of their own, such as: 1. DARK IPANX CARNAL (eks. SAQOR Screamers - sienk Black Metal) from East Cirebon 2. HANS RITUALISM (eks. Guitaris MONSTER - Extreme Melodyc Trash Metal) from East Cirebon 3. ARDHY DAZZALISM (Bassist eks. TRANDY FUCK - Technical Blasting Brutal Death Grind) from Surabaya 4. FIRMAN FREAX NOIZE (eks. drummers Majesty - Hyperblasting Brutal Death Grind) from East Cirebon "DEMON MOUTH" UNCOMMERCIAL OF COMMUNITY Underground community of East Cirebon After that RITUAL OF BLOODS united with other Underground Band in a Community Underground East Cirebon, namely: "Demon Mouth" They created several songs for The events hosted at the Underground, both inside and outside the town of Cirebon Cirebon City. At first they terinfluence on Foreign Bands such as: Cradle of Filth, Dark Funeral, Marduk, Children of Bodom, etc.. The concept of music that they stretcher is: "NEO HARMONY CLASSIC ART BLACK METAL" With the initial formation, namely: Dark Ipanx Carnal (Screamers), Hans Ritualism (Guitars), Ardhy Dazzalism (Bass), and the Firman Freax Noize (Drums). Beginning of 2004, Ardhy Dazzalism, the Bassist forced out of the band because he had to return to his native city, Surabaya. After approximately two months RITUAL OF BLOODS exist without a Bassist, and then come back a new one called at Bassist Thouvan Corpse Funeral (Bassist eks. mirage - Gothic Metal) from North Jakarta. So that they still exist with the Band Personnel complete, and ready to explore the Underground events at once launched his mission to appal WORLD MUSIC UNDERGROUND (Underground), especially Black Metal full of Darkness. RITUAL OF BLOODS Are: DARK IPANX CARNAL: Screamers HANS RITUALISM: Guitars THOUVAN CORPSE FUNERAL: Bass FIRMAN FREAX NOIZE: Drums They changed the concept of their music to be: "EXTREME HARMONY CLASSIC BLACK METAL" Music harmony (Harmony), accompanied by Drums Extra Fast (Extreme) and Classical techniques (Classic) which were merged into one and the format into a form of Black Metal music. "HAILS DARKNESS TO ALL MY BROTHERS OF METAL ON INDONESIAN HOLY DARK COUNTRY" "THANKS TO MY BROTHER ARDHY DAZZALISM, FOR YOUR SUPPORT ON MY SELF & MY BAND"

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