Music & Words: I.R.S There wasanother Paris Not in elsewhere, but in your heart It's sweet like sugar, it tasted like honey And then quickly it turned to bitter Then you were torn The twelfth was the beginning of all Sea of madness sing the ship of proudnes Fear and tears bumped into the sheep When the stepherd, the sheep was apart It was a heaven at the palm of legs But the heaven was not yours And it's not for you, not for you By the papers of evidence By the tongue as sharp as knife Suced your wool slowly Mother of land was so cruel A sheep was struggung alone Grass grows everywhere But the sheep had no more teeth Angel of death's still so far away The storm blows the sheep to him, ... he's dying Forgive me "mistress" I can't stand anymore Forgive me my lady Just keep it for ya Forgive me my friend I don't mean to make you in trouble Angel of death I'm coming to you

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