Music & Words: I.R.S This is a poet about my hallucination Whenever all of human I mean you and everybody will die in the future And I'm gonna be alone in this world Can you guess what I'm gonna do, stupid Jokers? Now ya check this out! Once upon a time when everybody dead My friends are dead, I loose all my families There are only animals who still alive And also the planets who still survive I'm all alone in this world I ain't got no school, I ain't got no money I don't need no job, I don't need no law I don't need no wealth, I'll burn the banks And I'll go to sleep, in the king's bedroom I'll shit at the mail, I'll be naked everyday Nobody watch me and nobody's care I'm a free man, I'm all alone in this world I'll smoke the grass anywhere Anytime I want it Walking nude on the street I'll take some guns from the army I'll shoot anything that I hate No one will arrest me and no one will punish I'm a free man, my soul is free I'm alone on the earth... (2x) I'll see no lies and no corruptions No racism and no stupid rules too It's me the king, it's me the ruler It's me the justice, the master of the earth Can't you imagine what... (I'm dreaming) Can't you understand what... (I'm thinking) Do you realize what... (We need) (Hoping there's no war and always peace)

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