Music & Words: I.R.S The king of universe is laughting madly Legion of light ignites the land A living old skeleton is wet by the sweat Just for a little money he's gonna be paid But in the name of god... he smiles in happiness # Wake up from your sleeping mind Manic obsessions will you deeply "The Outside" wouldn'tguarantee you to fine Cause satisfaction... it's coming from "Inside" Come, come, come... willing of changes Come on, let's rage againts the greed A new comfort will begin A new life will born The white collors lords are Riding on gold carriages The smoth skin princess are In their wealthy silk dresses Chilly wind blows Freshness and coolness veil Anger, annoyance, disappointment Sadness and hearfeelings They're prossessing You know it's not supposed to be In the name of God Their faces and eyes squeezed (Back to#)

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